The Farm

A story of passion for the land and nature.

Olives, kiwi, mapo, clementines and navelinas tarocco and moro oranges are natural and organic products, which have been cultivated in the heart of Calabria, in the area of Gioia Tauro.

Piromalli’s agricultural farm also produces extra-virgin olive oil and honey of the highest quality.


Piromalli’s farm represents the continuation and the evolution of a story full of passion for the land and nature, and a family synergetic relation oriented in giving a different and a new approach to selling their products, all of which are bio friendly ( the products are characterized as being biological), ethical (products sre characterized by the respect and protection of the environment and of workers’ rights) and of c.d. short filtering (directly from the production field to the final consumer).

Piromalli’s agricultural products are all located in the farming orchard countryside of Gioia Tauro, the heart of “the plain of Gioia Tauro”, which is situated on the Tyrrhenian side, in the South Calabria. This area is well-known for the farming production of extra-virgin olive oil and kiwi Hayward , this last production goes back to the 1980s.

The production cycle starts in September – October, whit a small production of mapo and tangelo (a citrus born from the graft of mandarin and grapefruit), in those two monthsthe gathering of olives starts, the olives are gathered and then pressed daily.

At the beginning of November starts the harvest of kiwi, in that period with the arrival of the cold weather, the Actnidia fruit reaches its optimal level of sugar maturation, measured in Brix degree. After the harvest, the Kiwi is cleaned, brushed and put in the cold store at room temperature and in a controlled ambient.

At the end of November, the citrus campaign starts with the collection of Clementine. The harvest is a delicate phase, for this reason it goes to the end of December. In the same month, the harvest of navelinas oranges and the tarocco nocellare oranges begins. The winter months of January, February and March are dedicated to the collection of tarocco oranges and moro nocellare oranges.

During the harvest, from January, the business cycle of cultivation, with the pruning of Actinidia fixtures ( to obtain a product of quality size) , so as to continue with that of citrus and olive. In the spring month, work to prepare the soil starts, such as cutting, fertilizing and milling, the last one is done throughout some cycles until the arrival of autumn. Always in spring, during the flowering, activities of help for the pollination are done, thanks to the introduction of honey from bees, that stay in their beehives. Then there is the replanting (substitution of old plants with young plants) and revision of the irrigation system, which with the pruning is fundamental for a quality business production.

The summer season is dedicated to citrus and kiwi, irrigation and green pruning, that is oriented to the cutting of shoots, which is the vegetation of unfruitful plants, which take substance to the other plants and fruits.




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