Hybrid of bitter orange and the common mandarin, the clementine is the most profitable citrus fruit for the precocity and the goodness of the fruit. "Common" clementines and other pipless clones have little need for warmth, so for this reason they are best suited to hilly / coastal areas.

It was created from a hybrid between the "Havana" tangerine and the bitter granite orange, found in the garden of an orphanage in Misserghin, in Algeria, at the beginning of the century as a result of seeding created by Father Clement Rodier (from which it drew the name).

The cultivation of clementines spread between 1930 and 1950 in Calabria, where this citrus fruit has found its natural habitat: a mild and constant climate, allows the fruit to fully develop its extrinsic and intrinsic qualitative characteristics and to mature very early.

The main agricultural areas of highest esteem at par excellence are the plain of Sybaris (Sybaris Corigliano, Rossano), and the plain of Gioia Tauro (Gioia Tauro, Rosarno, San Fernando).

With the passing of the time, several clones of this citrus fruit emerged, as result of bud mutations with distinctive characteristics especially with regard to productivity, fruit size and period of maturity.

The plant has a great, more or less rising force, not very resistant to high winds, with constant and high productivity in "Monreal", with average productivity and erratic fruiting in warmer southern inland areas in association with high temperature during fruit set in pipless cultivars.

The fruits have different sizes, from medium to large ("Monreale", "of nules", "late") to small ("common"), globose or oblate, with a papillae skin surface and orange colour. When ripe, they have a medium texture and tender pulp ("Monreale", "common", "of nules", "late"), with a bright orange colour, juicy, and without pips ("common", "of nules", "late"), or with numerous pips ("Monreal"), with sugar and medium acidity.

The quality of this citrus fruit has been awarded with a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) EC Regulation No. 232597 (OJ l.322 / 97, of 25.11.1997).
The network distribution rewards the variety pipless clementines (seedless) variety of Calabria for its great resistance to cold and to transport. The absence of pips, is appreciated very much by consumers.

Seasonal product available in the months of:

November -  December - January


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